Coconut Red Beans and Rice


1 pound red kidney beans
1 whole fresh coconut, lots of milk inside OR
1-14 ounce can coconut milk, West Indies or Jamaican style
salt and pepper to taste cold water


Soak red kidney beans overnight in cold water. Prep the fresh coconut (see below) and set aside. Pour off soaking liquid (you don't want to use it because it contains fermented gases) and rinse the beans 2 or 3 times with cold water. Put beans in pot, cover with cold water, add prepped coconut and milk (or 1 can coconut milk). Cook slowly until beans are done (approximately 2-3 hours). How do you know if the beans are done? They should smash easily between your fingers. Cook 2 cups of brown rice according to the package directions. Serve beans over rice.


Choose a fresh coconut that has a lot of milk inside. Pierce two of the eyes and pour out the milk. Place the whole coconut on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 F for 20 minutes. Using a hammer and super hard surface (concrete stair), break open coconut into large pieces. Pry off outer shell and peel off inner brown hull. Place milk and completely white chunks of coconut in beans and cook until done. Serves 6-8